For those of you who enjoyed this series last year http://www.panthersauthorizedshops.c...ari-poe-jersey , we’ve decided to change it up for 2018. Instead of focusing our attention on the head coach of our opponent, we’ve opened it up to anyone affiliated with the organization. So, instead of “Pat Shurmur looks like...” you’ll get a collection of jokes about other folks as well. We hope you enjoy this updated format. -BSTo get us prepared for Sunday’s game against the New York Giants, the CSR staff decided to have a little fun by borrowing the ‘looks like game’ concept from The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on ESPN.Ed. Note 2.0 - The Looks Like Game is the best thing that anyone does at ESPN and it’s not even close. If you’ve never experienced it before I highly recommend it. Trust me.Below is a collection of our best efforts to figure out exactly what/who people from the Giants organization look like. Feel free to discuss your favorite ones in the comments section, and you can even provide your own if you feel up to it.Disclaimer: This is all in good fun. We’re not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings here, so if you happen to stumble across this and find your name mentioned Jarius Wright Jersey , we sincerely hope you understand that we’re mostly kidding.CSR looks like: Giants edition...Eli Manning looks like the bagger at your local grocery store.Odell Beckham, Jr. looks like he was happier on the boat.Pat Shurmur looks like Peter King’s younger brother who almost makes a living as a used car salesman.Saquon Barkley looks like the star high school running back in every football movie ever made.Eli Manning looks like he never stopped sniffing glue.Dave Gettleman looks like a guy who mainly took the job in New York because he missed all the great deli sandwiches.Pat Shurmur looks like the former high school quarterback who “owned” his neighborhood Applebee’s and now, looking back on 50 years of life, has realized that all he has amounted to is owning an Applebee’s.Mike Shula looks like he is haunted by that time his Dad caught him with a hand in the cookie jar.Eli Manning looks like a guy who has a picture of himself on a wall somewhere wearing a bib surrounded by piles of crawfish carcass.Odell Beckham Jr. Looks like a guy who would have made a great Shaggy in the Scooby Doo remake.Jonathan Stewart looks like the first person to die in a slasher film... and Eli Manning looks like the guy who convinces Stewart to go investigate that strange noise that gets him killed in said slasher film.Pat Shurmur looks like the usher at church whose hand gets a little low when he escorts your wife to the pews.Eli Manning looks like he is so glad that his brother’s forehead is bigger.Jonathan Stewart looks like he has better blood pressure than Deangelo Williams.Odell Beckham, Jr. looks like a backup dancer in an early 2000s music video.Pat Shurmur looks like the guy who dresses like he’s in the tour de France just to ride his bike around the block.Dave Gettleman looks like a guy who is proud of his offenses putting a NY style bagel on the scoreboard.Mike Shula looks like the guy who later regrets betraying the Family.Pat Shurmur looks like he takes great pride in his Christmas wreaths.Odell Beckham looks like he talks a big game on the internet but when you actually ask him to meet up and fight he logs off.Eli Manning looks like he keeps all of his trophies and medals from elementary school on a special shelf in his bedroom.Which ones are your favorites, Panthers fans?Discuss.Panthers 2018 season opener countdown: 40 days to go We are 40 days away from the beginning of the Carolina Panthers 2018 season. That means today we take a closer look at tight end Authentic Da'Norris Searcy Jersey , fullback, running back... multi-tool... Alex ArmahAlex Armah, Fullback...?BioHeight: 6’2”Weight: 255 lbsAge: 24College: West GeorgiaNFL Experience: 2 yearsThe Panthers selected Alex Armah in the 6th round (No. 192 overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft, and since that point they have been figuring out what exactly to do with him. Armah played multiple positions in college, spending time as a running back, fullback Youth Mike Adams Jersey , tight end, and even defensive end. Last year he mostly played on special teams, where he recorded his only statistic of the season, one tackle. He did get some spot time on the field as a fullback with occasional motion out to tight end.This season, the wonder continues for just how exactly to best use Alex Armah. Right now he is seeing time at multiple spots again during training camp, though his heaviest usage at the moment is at tight end where the Panther are a bit thin personnel wise. Either way Cheap Trai Turner Jersey , fans are looking to see how he fits, and the sooner he can settle into a role the better.If he ends up being a fullback, I vote his nickname be Armahdillo. If he plays a lot more at tight end, I vote for Armahnti Edwards, though I probably stand alone on that one.