civility or Womens David Mayo Jersey , in the context of football, professionalism. Normally, these topics seem to be raised when people just want somebody to stop talking about something. I don’t want to hear about your injustice, please be civil. I don’t want to hear about your head trauma, please be professional. If you would just talk about these issues somewhere that I can’t hear you then I will happily stop complaining about your having of opinions. That’s how modern public discourse comes across to me. You can see the flaws.Eric Reid has thrown a lot of fuel on these fires over the past couple of years. You’ve read about him by now, but Sunday changed things a bit. Sunday put Reid on the same field as his former friend Malcolm Jenkins. They had a falling out over the direction of the Player’s Coalition. Reid, at one point, had to be physically restrained by his teammates to prevent a confrontation with Jenkins. He never actually started a fight. Regardless, it was the first moment his public image has moved past respectful kneeling and become something more visibly emotional — something less controlled.Staff writer MickSmiley published his opinion on Sunday’s events this morning and put forth a rare call for civility that wasn’t telling somebody he didn’t care. He was simply advocating for measured discourse. I don’t disagree with that advocacy. I do disagree that we should censure Reid for his behavior. Let’s go back to the part where he never actually started a fight.Sure, he had to be restrained by some of his teammates but he wasn’t held down for the entire game. He played relatively well. He never threw a punch. He was impassioned but he was not violent. That, to me, is the line.Reid was definitely unprofessional at the start of the game. Shout about that all you want. I doubt he will care. He was clearly willing to lose his job while raising awareness of racial inequality. That means more to him than football. It should. His being unprofessional would only bother me Authentic Kawann Short Jersey , as a Panthers fan, if his emotion had thrown the team off and cost them the game. As a person who cares about more than football, however, a display of emotion doesn’t offend me. Again, he didn’t hurt anybody.The second place I disagree with MickSmiley is in his characterization of the dispute between Reid and Jenkins.Reid doesn’t think Jenkins is going about things the wrong way. He thinks Jenkins sold out.If you were this passionate about something and saw somebody that you counted as a friend and an ally, to your perspective, betray you for a profit then you might be a little unprofessional yourself.The Panthers have a decision to make about how many headlines they are willing to tolerate from Reid. That is their duty as a business to their owner and their employees. Reid, who is a whole person outside of his employment, has made his decision on his priorities. He has made them clear to the Panthers and the public. The team is clearly OK with his play last week. They’d be talking less about his overturned interception and more about the coin toss if not.I think Reid is mostly in the right on his moral perspectives. I think he was wrong to try to create a situation that could have easily led to a fight. I also think a lot of his teammates understood where he was today. Look at Torrey Smith’s comments to the press. He didn’t lose the locker room and he didn’t lose me. Now, if he actually starts a fight? If he hurts somebody? That’s a different story. It wouldn’t change how I view what he is fighting for, but it would change how I view the fighter.For now, he is a man who had a bad day in a very visible place. I won’t blame him for being upset. I understand why he was. I wouldn’t blame him for being upset again since the circumstances haven’t changed. Reid showed a very human side of the cause he is advocating for: raw emotion. I’m all for civility Womens Mike Adams Jersey , but I won’t ever censure somebody for being human and I won’t ever damn somebody for caring about something more than football.Bank of America Stadium finally looks like it belongs to the Panthers There were big changes promised when David Tepper bought the Carolina Panthers this summer. Most of them were going to be behind the scenes — cultural changes that wouldn’t affect the product on the field. There is one cultural change, however, that many fans hoped would occur and that would have a very obvious effect on the field. It looks like that change has happened. The Panthers are today, per eyewitnesses, painting their own logo at midfield of Bank of America Stadium for the first time in franchise history.Like a baby’s first pair of big-boy pants, this is a huge sign of growth for the now 25 year-old franchise. It shows that the new owner actually cares about the image and identity of the product he just paid billions of dollars for and is trying to understand the market that supports it. He isn’t, as Darin Gantt has described his predecessor in this twitter thread, needlessly stubborn.The culture does indeed appear to be changing in Charlotte. The stadium can now be readily identified as the home of the Carolina Panthers. The team has a president with an honest-to-goodness sports business background. What else will change? I’m not sure, but I can tell you that for the first time in a long time I’m excited to find out.